Bassoon service and overhaul

  • Bassoon problems?
  • Keys sticking?
  • Difficulty playing the low register?
  • Noisy keywork?

Bassoons are complex instruments requiring a specialist's knowledge when work needs to be done. Peter can service and overhaul your bassoon to the highest professional standard. Your bassoon will be completely air-tight (no leaking pads). Spring pressures and key heights will be adjusted for maximum playing ease. Keywork will be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated. Wooden bore in boot joint will be oiled. We guarantee you will be delighted with the improvement in your instrument!

Customer testimonials

"I now realise I have been compensating and making allowances for the bassoon for a long time - it's so much easier to play since Peter's overhaul. It is simply a delight to play again - and its responsiveness is so immediate." David Whitbread, Aeolus Wind Trio, Canberra.

"Excellent workmanship, care and consideration"

"I am very pleased with the work you have done on my Fox bassoon. High register is as it should be with a rich dark tone that projects well, as is the lower register with rich low notes coming easily. The keywork is now quiet whilst I play. The key heights are very good for my small hands and once again well matched with a good feel. I would recommend you to any other bassoonists for your excellent workmanship as well as your care and consideration for the deadline given to finish the job"
Ross Nicholson, South Australian Police Band

"I wouldn't send it to anyone else"

"I trust Peter to take care of my Heckel and wouldn't send it to anyone else in Australia. It's good to have someone who really understands about bassoons"
Leah Stephenson, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

"So very happy"

"Awesome! I had no idea how badly my bassoon needed an overhaul. I am so very happy with it now."
Fiona Hooper, Australian Army Band

"It's like playing a new instrument"

"Before Peter serviced my Puchner bassoon, I was really struggling with intonation and some aspects of technique. Peter was able to adjust my instrument so it was much easier and more consistent in these areas. I particularly liked how he adjusted the height of my vent keys. Overall it felt like I was playing a new instrument!"
Claire Ramuscak, Australian National Academy, Winner 2005 National Double Reeds Gold Challenge

Short but sweet

"My bassoon is playing like a dream since the overhaul you gave it!"
Penny Fraser, Johannesburg Philharmonic Orchestra,South Africa

"My bassoon is playing fantastically after the service"
Alison Evans, winner 2003 National Double Reeds Gold Challenge

"Miraculous - no more clicks! Can't believe I let it go so long"
Sophie Meagher, Brisbane

"Better than new!"
Richard Chandler, Christchurch Symphony, New Zealand

"Very, very good I'm extremely pleased"
Alannah Gould, Cairns

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