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Renard Model 41 (NEW)

Ideal student instrument. Best choice for schools.Excellent tone and intonation. Durable polypropylene body. Plateau key for 3rd finger LH, overcoming what can be an awkward stretch. IN STOCK NOW.
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Renard Model 51 (NEW)

Short-reach keywork design for younger students or those with small hands.Photos show modifications from Fox standard keywork : phone for more details. Durable polypropylene body. Ideal for primary school music programs.
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Renard Model 222D (NEW)

Top quality craftsmanship at a very affordable price. Silver plated keywork, French bell ring, high D key, 3rd finger LH ring key. Kolbl case which can be worn as a backpack. Suit serious student.
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Renard Model 242D (NEW)

Superb value wooden instrument. High D key. Piano key lock. Beautiful tone and intonation. Suit serious student, amateur or professional player.
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Renard Artist Model 240D (NEW)

Beautiful short-bore semi-pro model. Many extras including high D key, high E key and balance hanger. Kolbl case which can be worn as a backpack. IN STOCK NOW.
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Second-Hand Bassoons


2nd-hand Renard 41 with high D key

2nd-hand Renard model 41 with additional high D key for sale. Near-new condition and playing beautifully. $5,750.00

Musson-Amati Bassoons and Contrabassoons

Manufactured In the Czech Republic, these instruments are very well engineered, highly innovative in design, have a lovely smooth, even sound, and are very reasonably priced. Each individual instrument is thoroughly tested by Peter Musson. Key heights and spring pressures are precisely adjusted for maximum playing ease and every pad is tested for 100% airtightness. A complete range of spare parts (hand rests, bell rings, bocals, screws, pads, etc) is in stock and repairs and servicing can be carried out promptly.


Contrabassoon Model 36m

Beautifully made contra. Matt wood finish. This is the latest upgrade with some resonator pads and a superb new case with built-in wheels. Excellent even tone and intonation at an incredibly low price. Contra Stand also available.

"I had always wanted to play contrabassoon but was only able to do so on one or two occasions when I was in the USA. I play in a community orchestra in Australia and it is very rare to have a contrabassoon play in such a group, especially when I am one of the very few bassoonists in the area. Although I thought I could never justify the expense of a buying my own contrabassoon, I was pleasantly surprised to notice an affordable contrabassoon advertised on Peter Musson's website. Peter allowed me to try out the instrument in Sydney in late 2010. After a few scales and runs I had no hesitation in buying the instrument. It was hard to believe that I was the proud owner of a contrabassoon.

Peter Musson has done a great job finessing the mechanics of the instrument imported from the Czech Republic. The keywork is virtually silent and relatively easy to use, the intonation is good (of course that also depends on the player!) and the overall sound of the instrument is excellent. The sound is pure but rich without the excessive buzz often associated with the contrabassoon. Of course, there are lots of fingering possibilities for the high register, but amazingly simply holding down the correct register key and using simple fingerings based on the middle octave can do the job. Although I have quite a lot of experimenting to do to determine the best fingerings for these notes, the long fingering for the third D, familiar to all bassoonists, provides a stable note with good intonation. The bottom register is robust and has a quality of sound that you might expect from an instrument many times the price. The roller keys facilitate some of the fingerings and the auxiliary Eb key for the right thumb is useful for smooth transitions from C#. The dynamic range of the instrument is very good; played softly this contrabassoon is at least as effective as a double bass in rendering low parts to support even a small ensemble.

To conclude, I can strongly recommend the Musson Amati contrabassoon to any bassoonist who wants to own their own "big bassoon". You will be delighted with your purchase and you can look forward to lots of enjoyable playing."

Rachel Heath, Newcastle NSW

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Short-reach Model 32M

A normal-sized bassoon with re-designed keywork for students as young as 7 or 8, or adults with small hands. Matte wood finish. Smooth, even sound with excellent dynamic range. Balance hanger included. NEW - now with Amati backpack. A great new way to start primary school students on bassoon.

"Amati Short-Reach Bassoons are a logical development step for young bassoonists. They sound great, are light to hold and do not compromise development by getting students to become accustomed to modified smaller hand stretches on alternate similar products. Young bassoonists at Scotch College, Melbourne are enjoying and benefitting from the use of these bassoons as they make their first steps in tuition."

Peter Rickard, Head of Woodwind, Scotch College Melbourne


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